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Project templates based on the highest industry standards

Would you like to know how top performing companies breakdown their projects and manage their timely delivery? Then professional project templates are for you.

Based on best industry and project management standards, Easy Project templates will be a guideline for the project management beginners and save lots of time to industry experts.

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Gantt Project Management by Easy Project

V RTL Radio Berlín používáme Easy Project na vytížení zdrojů (Resource management), který je propojen s docházkou. Řídíme s ním všechny IT a software projekty a používáme ho i na Help Desk. Vybrali jsme si ho pro jeho komplexnost - je to skvělé "all-in-one" řešení. 

Easy Project v médiích -  Timo Muller
Timo Muller
RTL Radio Deutschland GmbH


Project templates in every Easy Project

Easy Project Templates Strategic Templates
Strategic projects

Create a bridge between the ambitions of the top management and daily activities

Easy Project Templates Product Development
Product development projects

We have a solution for every development model

Easy Project Templates HR
HR projects

To simplify the processes of  recruitment, retention, interviewing, training and motivation of employees

Easy Project Templates Back Office
Back office projects

Project template built to allow for close cooperation with client, extensive planning and careful concept definition.

Professional production projects templates

Easy Project Serial Production
Serial production

Universal project template that can be used for wide spectrum of products


Easy Project Small scale production
Small scale production

Project template that allows for cooperation with client, audits, prototyping and other small scale production nuances


Easy Project Changeover

Project template that will help to streamline changeover process and avoid possible pitfalls.


Easy Project Custom Production
Custom production

Project template built to allow for close cooperation with client, extensive planning and careful concept definition.


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